Noakes, Vanguards, Vaccines and Twitter: The Noakes Foundation Weighs in

  Introduction and context  The Noakes Foundation and Prof. Noakes’ vision has been rooted in the promotion of pioneering academic freedom and discussion to support change and critical thinking. We believe that academic scholars should be able to voice differing opinions, challenge convention and be encouraged to push the limits of known science without the […]

Ancel Keys’ Cholesterol Con. Part 7. 1968-1970

1968. The initial results from the Oslo Secondary  Prevention (Diet-Heart) Trial are reported.  The first results of this study initiated at five medical departments in Oslo, Norway between 1956-1958 were published in 1968 (1). The goal of the study was to determine if a diet “rich” in polyunsaturated fats from soybean oil would reduce blood […]

Women’s Day: Reflections from Dr Hassina Kajee

Women have come a really long way in history! We can now do absolutely anything we want to do (within biological limits). From not being allowed to vote, we can now rule a country, go to Space, win a Nobel Peace prize and Influence the direction of the world in ways that were previously impossible to achieve. From […]

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