Ancel Keys’ Cholesterol Con, Part 5

1957: First Results From Framingham Reported The first findings in the Framingham Heart Study (FHS) were reported nine years after the study had been initiated as a result of President Truman signing the U.S. National Heart Act into law. I’ve presented some of those findings in an earlier column (1); here I review the important […]

Ancel Keys’ Cholesterol Con. Part 4. by Prof Tim Noakes

How an insecure and unproven hypothesis became a global unchallenged dogma. The ultimate victory of commercial interests over science – 1948-1957 The Framingham Heart Study (FHS) is launched: 1948 – present.   Even before the National Heart Act had been signed into law, the US Public Health Service had assigned physician Dr Gilcin Meadows to […]

World Hypertension Day – 17 May 2021

World Hypertension Day was created by the World Hypertension League in 2005 in an attempt to bring awareness to the condition. High blood pressure affects millions of people globally. It is vital to create awareness and educate the populace of its dangers, as well as informing them on how to effectively prevent and manage the […]

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