We’re hiring: Part-time, data analyst

The Noakes Foundation (TNF) is looking for a freelance data analyst to work part-time for the Online Academic Bullying (OAB) project over three months (November – January, 2021). For background on the project, please visit https://www.researchgate.net/project/Online-academic-bullying.  The analyst will primarily be responsible for exporting .csv Twitter data extracts into NVivo or atlas.ti qualitative research software. […]

National Nutrition Week: The importance of an LCHF, whole foods lifestyle.

It’s National Nutrition Week, and we are taking a closer look at the importance of an LCHF, whole foods lifestyle for metabolic health. In recent months, it has been more important than ever to eat healthily and stay active during the pandemic. Naturally, the world has turned to consuming less refined products and rather opting […]

Are oats part of the Banting/LCHF lifestyle?

The Noakes Foundation has had a number of queries about oats recently and if oats and some other grains and legumes fall under the Orange Food list. The green, orange and red food lists were carefully designed to be an easy and accessible summary of what should and should not be eaten when following a […]

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