We Are Growing! Looking for Program Executive

Eat Better South Africa Program Executive   The Noakes Foundation is looking for a  junior to mid-level program manager with five or more years experience in an NGO and community development program management and planning to work on the roll out of its Eat Better South Africa programs into communities across South Africa.    Needed […]

Gabriel Van Wesemael, 13 Year Old Type 1 Diabetic, Interviews Prof Noakes

  Gabriel Van Wesemael, a close friend of The Noakes Foundation, sat down with Professor Noakes and asked him some important questions about the low carb high fat lifestyle. Gabriel is a Type 1 diabetic who manages his diabetes by strictly controlling his blood glucose levels by avoiding carbohydrates and sugars and filling up on healthy, […]

What is the risk in taking carbs once fat adapted?

On this edition of The Prof Noakes Podcast, James Preston chats to Prof Noakes regarding a question submitted by Robin Beetge.  Robin would like to know what the risk is of a negative glycaemic response of eating or drinking high carb glycaemic foods during a race from the tables for example, once fat adapted. Particularly running ultra […]

Do statins prevent arterial heart disease?

On today’s edition of The Prof Noakes Podcast, we probe a question from one of our listeners who have had good blood results and has been advised that he needs to start on statin medication for a 6 month period. James Preston chats to Prof Noakes about the harmful side effects of statins and cholesterol. We […]

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