Cape Town – South African entrant Lion of Africa Vulcan has finished third in the 2017 Cape2Rio Yacht Race. Vulcan completed the Atlantic crossing on January 16, and is the first South African boat to complete the 2017 edition of the prestigious event. An incredible result considering that the Vulcan boat was not designed for […]

Is cholesterol a risk factor for heart disease in women?

Welcome onto this edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast. James asks Prof Noakes about cholesterol and menopause. We find out what the latest research is on cholesterol  and the LCHF lifestyle and if women need to be worried about cholesterol and high fat in their diet. If you would like to subscribe to the podcast in […]

The effect of the carb comedown after races

On today’s  edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, James chats to Prof Noakes about a question submitted by Charlie Hodgson who wants to know how cheat days and loading with carbs in the days leading up to a marathon will affect your health. He is already fat adapted and trains on high fat but wants […]

The battle of losing the last of your body fat

On today’s edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, James Preston has a question from a cyclist who wants to know how to get his body fat below 14%. He says the lowest it’s been is 13.5%. Not being overweight and making use of Keto and LCHF for health & fat adaptation benefit, he finds […]

How to stop losing weight but continue Banting

On today’s  edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast we have a question about how to stop losing weight if you are thin, but still remain on the LCHF diet. James Preston chats to Prof Tim Noakes who answers the question and tells us of the benefits of being lean and comments that your weight is […]

Are carbohydrates the answer to the illness?

On this edition of the Ask Prof Noakes Podcast, James Preston chats to Prof Tim Noakes about the role of the LCHF diet and carbohydrates in people who suffer from Thyroid deficiency issues. Prof Noakes makes mention that increasing carbs on the days you need it is very acceptable.  He reminds us that we’re each an experiment […]

Endurance Eating on a Low Carb Lifestyle

[fusion_text]Endurance Eating on a Low Carb Lifestyle: Incredible Yachtsmen Sailing the Cape To Rio on a LCHF endurance eating plan powered by The Noakes Foundation   By Jayne Bullen, General Manager of The Noakes Foundation   Just under a year ago the incredible Vulcan sailing team came to The Noakes Foundation and told us they […]

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