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Banting and Red Meat?

  Professor Noakes provides some clarity on a commonly raised Banting issue.   Prof Noakes is commonly asked the question of whether the consumption of red and processed meats is harmful to one’s health, and can it cause colorectal cancer?   He took the time to provided some much-needed clarity on the subject:    [Scientists] prove [...]

May 31st, 2016|


  Official advice on low-fat diet and cholesterol is wrong - says new UK report.   A Report  by the National Obesity Forum (NOF) and the Public Health Collaboration made headlines yesterday morning as a result of their findings that “eating fat does not make you fat”. The report, which is based on the most [...]

May 24th, 2016|

Tim Noakes HPCSA deposition – Part 5

    In Part 5 Professor Noakes discusses the ketone concept :

May 24th, 2016|

Tim Noakes HPCSA deposition – Part 4

    In Part 4 Professor Noakes talks about ketones:

May 23rd, 2016|


NEWS RELEASE May 2016 Lifestyle & Food    EAT BETTER SOUTH AFRICA CELEBRATES ANOTHER SUCCESS WITH THEIR COMMUNITY HEALTH INTERVENTION PROGRAMME   Last week saw the closing ceremony of Eat Better South Africa’s! sixth successful community intervention programme held in Atlantis. The intervention came about through the suggestion of Rita Fernandes Venter, owner of the hugely popular [...]

May 20th, 2016|

Tim Noakes HPCSA deposition – Part 3

    In Part 3 Professor Noakes talks about his 'Damascus moment':

May 19th, 2016|

Tim Noakes HPCSA deposition – Part 2

      In part 2 Professor Noakes talks about Hyperinsulinaemia and Disseminated Arterial Disease:

May 18th, 2016|

Tim Noakes HPCSA deposition 2016 – Introduction and Part 1

  As promised by Professor Noakes in his most recent article, The Noakes Foundation will make the evidence produced by Prof and his team available to the public. The footage from the trial and the slides used throughout his testimony have been edited into short video clips which highlight some of the important issues covered. We [...]

May 17th, 2016|

Research Fellowship for The Noakes Foundation

The Noakes Foundation is looking for top quality MSc or PhD students with a passion for changing the world!  Over the years of Banting and the Real Meal Revolution, Prof Noakes and The Noakes Foundation has received thousands of living testimonials from people all over the world, generously sharing their data for the purpose of science. Much of [...]

May 3rd, 2016|
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