NEWS RELEASE February 2016 Lifestyle & Food   THE NOAKES FOUNDATION COMMUNITY BANTING INITIATIVE REACHES TO BUSINESSES   Eat Better South Africa!, a programme created by The Noakes Foundation that is taking Banting to low-income areas, is now extending to corporate initiatives. This will ensure the LCHF lifestyle reaches more South Africans and in so […]

Are you our next Community Change Agent?

Be a health revolution Eat Better Ambassador! Ten amazing South Africans will get the opportunity to change their lives, and change the lives of hundreds, by becoming Community Change Agents. We are looking for 10 health conscious go-getters to take part in the Real Meal Revolution’s newest Banting Elite programme on Noakes Foundation bursaries. Banting Elite is an online course that provides […]

Programme Manager Wanted!

Eat Better South Africa Programme Manager Wanted! The Noakes Foundation is looking for a robust programme manager with five or more years experience in an NGO and community development programme management and planning to work on the roll out of its Eat Better South Africa programmes into communities across South Africa. Needed for the role:  Visionary, big […]

A Note from a Nutritionist: Emily Maguire

Written, with thanks by Emily Maguire, a low-carb nutritionist from the UK.   Why The World Needs More People Like Prof  Dear Prof Noakes, One year ago I set off on a trip that would see me travel to several countries around the world. The goal- to meet, shadow and mentor off several people in […]

Prof’s Risk to Tell the Truth: a Letter from Christine Cronau

Christine Cronau is an Australian nutritionist, best selling author and speaker. ‘Professor Noakes has risked everything to tell the truth I would like to ask the question…How can a doctor be accused of professional misconduct for recommending real food for a child? In 1919, a book called What is Malnutrition? was published to address the […]

Support from Around the World: Words from Sam Feltham

Written, with thanks by Sam Feltham, a leading health and fitness expert in the UK. ‘Dear Prof. Noakes, Ever since I became aware of your work several years ago I have been in awe of your honesty, integrity and ability for critical thinking. The fact that you’re willing to publicly acknowledge your mistakes in order […]

I Have Your Back Prof: A Letter by Sugar Free Karen Thomson

Written with thanks by Karen Thomson Karen is a Sugar Free Advocate, an LCHF expert, an author and host of the Old Mutual Health Convention in Cape Town   “It’s been a year since Prof Tim Noakes and I hosted the Old Mutual Health Convention in Cape Town. To say the event was one of the […]

A Physician’s Story: Dr Hassina Kajee

Hassina Kajee is a specialist physician at hospital in Cape Town, mom to a 1 yr old who was fed high fat breast milk till 6 months and then weaned onto whole foods. She, her husband, 3 year old and 1 year old have been on an LCHF lifestyle for 1 year and have never […]

Co-Author & Chef’s Journey with Prof: He Knew it All Along

Written, with thanks by Jonno Proudfoot of The Real Real Revolution. The Real Meal Revolution is the Founding Partner of The Noakes Foundation. “I am one of the lucky few who had the privilege of writing a book with Prof. I can’t vouch for the meaning he gave his previous projects but when we launched […]

Film Maker’s View: Donal’s Journey so far with Prof Noakes

Written, with thanks by Donal O’Neil Film Maker, athlete and director of Cereal Killers 1 & 2 “The best thing about being a film maker? The people you get to meet. You get to know the person behind the perception and the people behind the person. You get to walk (or run!) a mile in […]

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