THE FIRST international

LOW CARB HIGH FAT health summit

Hosted by Prof Tim Noakes

20-22 Feb at the CTICC

What if everything

we know about a

healthy diet is wrong?

Do you know

the real cause

of the obesity epidemic?

What if carbohydrates

not fat

are the problem?

What undiscovered ideas could reverse the epidemic?

Connect with us to support healthier eating research


The Noakes Foundation

What if you had the chance to right a wrong? To correct what for decades has been misunderstood? Leading to poor health, unhappiness, and even death.

Professor Tim Noakes has decided to right that wrong. To start a movement, to make this change, to make a difference in the lives of millions of people that are obese or suffering from diabetes.

Based on this passion and knowledge, he has started The Noakes Foundation, as a catalyst for new research into better health and nutrition. To uncover once and for all, what makes up a healthy meal. What you should be eating.

Founded as a Non-Profit Corporation, to share with you the truth about a healthy diet. To share the very best evidence-based advice possible, free from conflicting commercial influences.

To connect with you, to work together, to change the definition of a healthy diet.

Tim's Revolution

Despite being an endurance athlete and closely following the "prudent" diet, Tim developed Diabetes.

Frustrated at his declining health and increased running times, he decided to switch to a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet as recommended by recent research from colleagues in North America.

The results astounded him as he was able to control his symptoms doing the exact opposite of the conventional medical approach.

After sharing this experience, he faced a barrage of criticism. A common thread being the lack of large-scale scientific trials to justify insulin-resistant/glucose-intolerant individuals following what became known as 'The Tim Noakes Diet'.

In response, Tim has launched his foundation which intends to address the research gap into low-carb nutrition, thereby supporting healthier eating research. His foundation is registered and is applying for Non-Profit Corporation status with SARS.

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